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Dear Doctor,

Hope you are doing well.
This month we have a number of very interesting job opportunities in the UK which are carefully selected in collaboration with large UK organisations! You have the opportunity to apply first without any cost for you and with just sending your CV and no need to fill out complicated forms.

The currently available posts for junior doctors are:

  • Junior doctors for Orthopaedic Surgery (10 posts)
  • Junior doctors for General Surgery (5 posts)
  • Junior doctors for Internal medicine (5 posts)

The above posts are perfect for doctor with less than 5 years of specialty training experience.

For more senior doctors

  • Specialty Registrars in Internal medicine
  • Specialty Registrars in Radiology
  • Specialty Registrar in Oncology
  • Specialty Registrar/Consultant in Stroke Medicine
  • Specialty Registrar/Consultant in Geriatrics
  • Specialty Registrar/Consultant Acute medicine

For more information or if you want to apply please send us your CV and your GMC status at

Kind regards
MeDynamic Team.

MeDynamic Consulting